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When you call my daughter bossy, you might be potentially silencing a young women

Guess who gets called bossy a lot? Five-year-old girls. In particular, my five-year-old girl. And the ones calling her bossy? Usually they’re adults.
Sure, she has specific..

I won't bubble wrap my children by keeping them from the news

Our local morning show woke us around 6 in the morning.
We’d punch the snooze button and wait for the familiar voices to...

I had no idea how easy it could be to give your kid body image issues

I’ll preface my story by saying that I don’t fit into skinny jeans, and on any given day, I average around size 18 (depending on the time of the month). I haven’t always been this size. In fact, I used to be very physically active in my teens and twenties. But my less than rabid determination to stay fit fell away after 30. And after experiencing postpartum at 36? I gave up on most forms of exercise entirely, and have more or less embraced the huggable me.
I can’t say I love my body — as countless articles online tell me I should — but whether size 12 or 18, I’ve accepted it. Frankly, I look around at the store or walking around on the street, and I feel like I’m fairly...